Wicked Sycamore - Growing Roots EP - release date 12/8/2018

Artist Information:

Label: Self-released

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Hometown: Baltimore/DC

Sounds like: Iā€™m With Her, First Aid Kit, Wild Reeds, The Staves

Contact: WickedSycamore@gmail.com


Wicked Sycamore is an all female acoustic trio hailing from the DC/Baltimore area. They can be quickly described as "contemporary acoustic with a strong foundation in traditional folk" that falls somewhere between folk, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and retro pop at any given moment.  They write original music ranging from fun and light-hearted sing-alongs, to deep, introspective melodic tunes for the ages.

The ladies of Wicked Sycamore have been playing music together since 2015. Their music is driven largely by the idea of blending the conventional with the daring and unexpected - in vocal harmonies, instrumental prowess, and progressive songwriting for the genres. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist bringing unique background and influence to their writing. Wicked Sycamore has played around the Mid-Atlantic region at various venues, as well as festivals such as The Ladybug Festival, DOAH festival, Takoma Park Folk Festival, and appeared on local television and radio stations such as 89.7 WTMD, 94.3 WOWD, and Fox5 DC News.

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