Wicked Sycamore - Growing Roots EP - release date 12/8/2018

Artist Information:

Label: Self-released

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Hometown: Baltimore/DC

Sounds like: I’m With Her, First Aid Kit, Wild Reeds, The Staves

Contact: WickedSycamore@gmail.com


Wicked Sycamore is an all-female trio hailing from the Baltimore/ DC area, consisting of Juliette Bell on guitar, Lainie Gray on mandolin, and Madeline Waters on cello. They can be described as contemporary folk with a mischievous edge that is grounded in traditional roots music but branches out into Americana and blues. They write original music ranging from fun and light-hearted sing-alongs to deep, introspective tunes for the ages. No matter the genre, their music relies heavily on thoughtful arrangement, instrumental prowess, and intricate vocal harmonies.

The women of Wicked Sycamore began playing music together in 2015 when they were members of a five piece funk band. They soon discovered a shared desire to explore acoustic interests in a more intimate ensemble. As a trio, their music is driven largely by blending the familiar and traditional with the daring and unexpected. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist who brings a unique background and influence to their sound, highlighting their collective musicality and progressive songwriting.

Wicked Sycamore is the 2019 winner of the Charm City Bluegrass band competition and their debut EP, Growing Roots, was nominated for a WAMMIE award. Wicked Sycamore has played around the Mid-Atlantic region at festivals such as DelFest, Charm City Bluegrass Festival, The Ladybug Festival, Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival, DOAH Festival, and Takoma Park Street Festival. The band plays at various venues sharing the stage with nationally touring acts, and appears on television and radio stations around the Nation’s Capital.  

By growing their presence as a collaborative force, they hope to increase female representation as both musicians and songwriters throughout the modern music landscape.

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